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What to do with Ashes after a cremation

What to do with Ashes after a cremation

All families are faced with the decision of what to do with their loved ones ashes after the cremation service.  Cremation is becoming more and mor...
What is a Keepsake Box?

What is a Keepsake Box?

Life has to many moments to celebrate and remember – moments that can’t be captured with just a photo. Think of all of your most precious belonging...
Memory Blanket - 5 tips for the perfect keepsake blanket

Memory Blanket - 5 tips for the perfect keepsake blanket

Making a keepsake memory blanket can be quite daunting however if you use the correct techniques and have the right equipment you can create a bea...

Memory Keepsakes Made from Loved clothing

Memory Bears

Our memory bears are the most beautiful ways to take the old clothing of your loved ones and turn them into a priceless keepsake to last forever. Whether its an old baby grow, the loved clothes of a lost relative, or an outfit which you'd like to memorialise forever, our memory bears are the perfect way to do it.

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Memory Cushions

Memory Cushions are a great way to take a single piece of old clothing and turn it into a keepsake for the whole family to remember forever. Losing a Grandad or Grandma can be devastating to any family, and not knowing what to do with their clothing can be even worse. Our handmade memory cushions are the perfect way to keep those memory's alive forever.

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Memory Blanket

Memory Blankets are the most perfect way of putting multiple pieces of loved old clothing to use in a single memory keepsake. Shirts, dresses and even outgrown baby-grows cane be used to make up these beautiful blankets.

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