Memorial Cushions - Handmade From Loved Clothing

    Our memorial cushions are a beautiful way the remember a lost loved one. It's always hard to know what to do with the clothing once a family member or friend pass away, their old clothes have so many memories which you can't bear to give away. A memorial cushion is the perfect way for a whole family to have a keepsake to cherish for the rest of their lives, remembering the good times they had.

    We take great pride in creating all of our memorial cushions; knowing that the keepsake will be part of a family for many years to come we make sure they are crafted to a very high standard. Great care and attention to the finest details are given when creating them.

    When purchasing your memorial cushion, you can add a personalised messaged to the front completely free of charge. Simply use one of the examples we have given, or write your own custom message.

    13 products

    13 products