What to do with Ashes after a cremation

All families are faced with the decision of what to do with their loved ones ashes after the cremation service.  Cremation is becoming more and more popular in the UK, I recently researched some of the creative and unique ideas of what you can do with your loved ones ashes…..

Keep them in an urn ~ Sometimes less is more. You can keep to tradition and simply store the ashes of your loved one in an urn.

Take them on a trip around the world ~ If your loved one had a passion for travelling, you could take their ashes on a trip around the world and scatter them in every country that you visit.

Turn them into jewellery ~ Memorial jewellery can be a wonderful way to feel close to a loved one again. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet or ring, a tiny amount of your loved one’s ashes can be turned into a beautiful piece of timeless jewellery.

Scatter them at sea ~ Scattering a loved one’s ashes at sea can be a great send off, especially if they loved spending time on the beach.

Let them go out with a bang ~ For a truly unique send off, why not strap your loved one’s ashes to a firework and let them go out with a bang? Companies now offer services for adding your loved one’s ashes into a firework, they can help you arrange a special firework display for the family as a happier alternative when saying goodbye to a loved one.

Shoot them into space ~ You can now give your loved one a fitting final journey by launching and scattering their ashes in space, using meteorological balloons filled with helium carry biodegradable urns to the edge of space. Once the balloon reaches 100,000ft, it bursts and scatters the ashes across the Earth.

Plant a tree ~ As environmentally green funerals continue to grow in popularity, you may wish to consider transforming your loved one’s ashes into a tree. By planting a biodegradable urn, you will be able to grow a tree using cremated remains, a wonderful way to say goodbye to a loved one who was passionate about the environment.

Store them in a Keepsake Bear ~ You may wish to place a small amount of cremation ashes into a memorial bear. Lily Grace Keepsakes create beautifully handmade keepsake memory bears made from your children’s or loved ones clothes to make a wonderful keepsake item or unique gift. Each memory bear is hand created to the highest standard and quality to give you a keepsake you can cherish and hold forever.  They can be a unique gift to give for a family member in memory of a mother, father, grandparents, unborn grandchildren or any family member.

Our memory bears the perfect solution to using the clothes of a loved one which are many times stored away and forgotten. Take those clothes from the drawer or box and put them back on display by capturing those memories in a special keepsake which you will treasure forever.

Could I put ashes in a Keepsake Bear or Cushion?

When a lose a loved one, it’s never easy coming to terms with the loss. You will forever find yourself thinking of them, special moments you had together, songs that remind you of them. All of these things may help, but some days you may need something more. Having a exquisite and unique handcrafted Memory bear or Keepsake cushion created, something you can hold and cuddle can offer great comfort when you need a hug the most, we offer a service where you can have portion of ashes placed within your bear or cushion so that you are forever close and feel comforted while you are journeying through grief and beyond. 

How do I send the ashes to you?

You can send the ashes in a sealed pouch or container and we will seal inside your bear or alternatively we can create a small pocket on the back of the bear so that you can insert the ashes, locket or personal item yourself.