Step by Step guide on how we make a Memory Bear (Elephant!) Keepsake

We are so excited to be sharing our brand new creation - our Memory Elephant keepsake.

Here's how we made our Elephant's from some outgrown baby grows.

Step 1 - From the selection of beautiful clothing items we choose which piece of clothing will be the used on the body and on the head, how exciting! We think a trunk with spaceships will look fab, just love that pattern, it needs to be one of his best features! 

Step 2 - All the body and head pieces are cut out and lined with interfacing which gives a much better final appearance to the finished item.


Now the fun bit - the sewing!

Step 3 - First piece of sewing, sew together the four main head pieces  

Step 4 -  Next we carefully pin to attach the trunk to the head pieces 


 Step 5 - Here are those beautiful big ears, he's going to be so cute :)


 Step 6 -  Whoo hoo the head is finished, isn't he beautiful.... temporary felt eyes pinned in place to get the right position before securely fitting the safety eyes.

Step 7 -  Sew together the body pieces, then finally pin the head in place on the body, turn the body inside out and add the stuffing.

Tah dah! Here he is - our finished Elephant, isn't he just gorgeous. 
A selection of baby clothing captured into an item of beauty to cherish forever.